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Online Games! How To Play To Win!

March 07, 2014 By: moneyti Category: Internet Money, Make Money Online, Money Tips

Online Gaming. How to Win...Gaming Online. How To Play To Win!

Learn how to improve your playing quality and even overall understanding of online gaming and how you perform while playing online. Gaming online is a huge business nowadays and that means that there are millions of people worldwide at online game sites all the time. Many are people just like you and me that like to play online and have fun doing it. Some of these people enjoy it so much, that they often do not even care about improving their skill and raising their chances of winning.

So Why Should You Work on Your Game?

Working on skills will not only help you improve your success while playing online games but will also give you higher self-esteem and a sense of achievement. And remember that the faster you master the easy games, you can turn to the more complicated ones and match your brain and skills against the real experts.

How to Improve Your Online Gaming Skills?

Online playing is different than just playing on your personal computer at home. While online, you have to pay attention to many different things that need to be taken into account, and I will detail these here:

1) Internet Connection: Pay attention to your online connection and make sure that the internet connection is strong and without any connection breaks. These can be done easily by trying to play a simple online game before moving on to the more serious ones. For example, play scrabbles or checkers online and then see how your connection works.

2) The Graphics: Check that your PC screen is strong enough to run the specific game you have in mind. Download the trial and play it on your computer. If you can’t run or if it does not run smoothly, be aware that though the online version is less of a strain on the resources of your computer, the game might get stuck or stall from time to time. What can you do? Other than spending money on improving the hardware of your computer, the only thing you can do is to pick another game.

3) Limit your game time: One of the most important facts that young players tend to overlook is that they cannot play forever. The body needs sleep and even though it might appear or one might not feel tired, your performance drops as the hours pass by. It is important also to (if the game permits it) try and drink water while playing and not Coca Cola or Pepsi or anything else sweet or alcoholic. These will only make you more sleepy than before even if for the first few minutes it will feel as if they are invigorating you.

4) Game Plans: Have a look at how others are playing before you join the fray. Study the manner how the game moves and how others hide or move. Even if you end up playing against other players, eventually the nooks and corners of the game are similar. Remember that people tend to move in similar fashion so the whole point is to get a whiff of game movement.

5) Strategy: Look up different strategic models and systems offered and posted on the internet. Your players might use some of these and if you are aware of them it will be easier for you to block their moves.

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    Early Retirement Using Financial Planning

    October 01, 2013 By: moneyti Category: Marketing


    Early Retirement Using Financial Planning

    Pros & Cons


    1. Do know what you are getting into

    When making financial planning retirement, it is best to make sure if the management team of the company where you will invest your money is capable of providing you the necessary services that you need. Know how they are going to make money for you. Research the industry. Is it growing? What are the competitors like?

    2. Do have an exit strategy

    If you make your financial planning retirement, try to create an exit strategy as well. This is to safeguards you from any imminent problems that may arise. Remember that the liquidity of your investment is very important. So, before you start with your financial planning retirement, ask yourself: Can you easily convert it to cash when you need to get out or if something happens and you or your beneficiaries need it?

    3. Do invest only in what you are comfortable with

    Shop around and be proactive – don’t wait for an insurance company or retirement plan institution to appear at the last second. Even if a financial plan looks very attractive, if you do not understand it enough, or are not prepared to risk losing your money, do not put your money in it.

    4. Do remember: nothing is sure in the world of investment

    Until the matured money is actually in your pocket or is fully enjoyed by your beneficiaries, all projected returns are simply expectations. The important thing is to have a fallback and move forward. So, when making a financial planning retirement, keep in mind that it is not feasible to entirely depend on one financial institution. Look for more alternatives.


    1. Don’t buy into something just because everyone is

    When making a financial planning retirement, do some independent research and analysis first; do not be swayed by what other people’s investment moves. Keep in mind that not all financial planning retirement packages are created equal; each plan has its own pros and cons. So, it is best that you know what will work on you when you make your very own financial planning retirement.

    2. Don’t invest in the stock market

    If you do not know your way around in the stock market, then do not put that on your list as you go along with your financial planning retirement. Stock markets can be a profitable retirement investment vehicle, but they tend to be a risky business. When you do your financial planning for retirement, keep in mind that it is not wise to gamble everything that you have, especially if the financial planning retirement scheme you are contemplating with is still unclear to you. At the very least, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

    3. Do not borrow money just so you can head off immediately

    When making a financial planning retirement, it is best that you focus more on your very own finances rather than deliberately borrowing money from others just so you can start right away.

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      Money savings every month will not make you rich …

      May 20, 2013 By: moneyti Category: Marketing, Money Tips, Work from home

      Working withinmonwallet a job and not spending all the money each month is the slowest, hardest, and least efficient way to build up a big pile of money. Saving money is a worthwhile net worth building activity, but it doesn’t offer much more than that unless your goal is only to have a little cash at the ever-increasing age of retirement.

      This is because wages are the most heavily taxed source of income. Income taxes (federal, state, and social security) choke off about 35% of this earned income before you ever see a dime. And second, your income is capped by the number of hours that you can physically work in a week; even if it pays well. Ownership is the financial goal that we all have; owning investments that will passively pay us interest and dividend checks. But there are two wildly different paths to get there. One path is very slow and slightly uncertain, and the other path is much quicker but more uncertain to accomplish.

      The fastest and most efficient way to build a pile of money is through entrepreneurial activity. This way, you can get into a position of ownership without buying it, because you are creating it. You bypass the taxation tollbooth of wage-earners, and the limitations of your salary and time. The goal is to create your own piece of equity that gives you a source of income that you control. Now before you start rolling your eyes that this is too risky, too hard or you don’t know how to do it, let me give you some ideas to help reduce your hesitation.

      Maybe it isn’t your money (borrowed), or your expertise (a partner’s), or skill (hired, outsourced); but if you lead the team you can create your own piece of the equity. You can start out on a tiny scale; I am acquainted with someone that earns over $100,000 with a dog walking service. She has other people walk the dogs, so that she can focus on marketing and managing her walkers. Don’t you think that you could think of a dozen similar services that might be needed in your area?

      It is mentally challenging to start an entrepreneurial activity, but more importantly, it takes money, knowledge and persistence. It takes knowledge because there is always going to be trial and error in refining your business model; and it takes money because you need enough money to find a successful business formula that pays for itself before you run out of money. It takes persistence because obstacles are natural when creating or maintaining any business activity.

      There are zillions of areas to become entrepreneurial and build up equity, but here is another idea that nearly all communities offer; I bet that there are at least three successful residential home rehabbers working your community. Find them and convince one of them to help teach you in exchange for being a free assistant. And when you strike out on your own and need additional help, offer to give him or her a percentage of your profit.

      I want to show you an example of entrepreneurial persistence, even though it uses real estate again. There is a giant mall being built at a nearby city. I was dropping off a friend that lived there and he said that it was a great story about obstacles. The city didn’t want a new mall to take business from the downtown strip, so the developer moved the project outside of the city limits. Then the state government said they couldn’t allow it without a larger highway exit, and they didn’t have enough money to make a highway exit. So the developer raised the money and built the highway exit himself. The point is that no matter how insurmountable an issue first appeared, the developer was undeterred from reaching his goal.

      Developing a side business to ramp up your income is the most financial rewarding activity you can undertake. Imagine if you took half the effort you put into studying for school and put that into business building over four years – I’d suspect your results would be far greater than setting aside some of your paycheck each month.

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